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Total "recall"

While tiptoeing about the house I could hear someone snoring in the other room. I couldn't tell who it was, nor did it really matter, instead I found myself reliving a memory. One of that being my parents snoring. It was almost as if they took turns. My mothers snoring I considered the more annoying of the two. I'd randomly knock on the wall in hopes she would stop. My fathers was the loudest which just plain made it impossible to ignore.
Anyways, I found a great comfort in it. A sense of security... and it made me smile.
*warm fuzzies*

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Cut to Bleed

Time Lines

If Morrey was born around 4/2000 than she is about 12 1/2 months today.
Koneko should be about a year younger, so I'm guessing 11.
Phew, ok... Neither is as old as I thought.
Right now K is not doing well. I'm
Debating taking her to the vet, in the am, to see what's up. Her voice is gravely and she's missing a bunch of hair on her chest. Totally random and not a good sign. Add to that, she's lost a bunch of weight.


We have a huge art opening tomorrow night. Too much to do.

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Its official, Ive been hitched.
its very strange calling someone your husband. We kind of fell into it very easily.
We are waiting for our professional photos to be finished, but there are tons of others floating around and about out there.

Here is one:
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I love technology. I now have an application for LJ. I've been thinking about resurrecting this journal, but they is no real point behind doing that. Unless of course, I'm just focusing on the least too much. Which I could be. I really don't know.
In the last week I've had two separate encounters with the past. They have been fairly unpleasant for me.
It made me feel like everything I went through was worth nothing to the two persons.
It's hard to extract the emotions I felt over 4 years ago. They are still there and they still cause a little pain. I guess when you break your heart, it never really heals.
I just try to focus on today. Today is the cause of the rest of my life. I'm really happy to be where I am and it makes the pain in my heart go away. I take a deep breath and I feel relieved.
Now I remember happiness....

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