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A Story of a Grrl and Her Dog...


Little Miss Scare All
22 September 1979
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Updated 09/10/12

My journal is friends only.....just add me.

Im a hair stylist and salon owner located in historic Fountain Square. Look us up, Blue Wren Studio!
We are located in the historic Murphy Arts building on the second floor.

I m into industrial, death-rock, punk, goth-rock, psychobilly, and just about
any kind of music you can think of.

I have 3 cats and 2 dogs. Im married and now we have a little girl named Pearl. She is the coolest person I have ever met.

Abandoned Art Forms: Photography, Oil Pastels, Ceramics, Acrylics, Body Modification, Fake Hair, Designing clothes, Digital Photography, Cooking, Corset Training, Professional Burlesque-ing

Active Art Forms: Hair Designing, Baby Wearing, Breastfeeding

I post photos........
I have an obsession with hair and am always changing mine.

I like to make trades....see something you like? Have some skill you
would like to barter with? Just e-mail me.

You can also see me here:

I want to go to the Coney Island school.

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